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Vicky Gonder – The Tale of Friendship to Enmity

Vicky Gonder


Sukha Kahlon was born on 21st June 1987 in the village Sarawan Bodla, near Malout, Sri Muktsar Sahib District, Punjab. The village is about 12.7 kilometres from Malout, Sri Muktsar Sahib District. He belonged to a Punjabi middle-class family. He completed his 10th class from the Jalandhar Sports school, Jalandhar and won many prizes according to the Vicky Gonder wiki.

According to the sources, in 2007, he got an offer to join the BSF (Border Security Forces), but due to his connection with some local politicians and gangsters, he got distracted. Vicky was also a player of Discus Throw game. His real name is Harjinder Singh. Harjinder belonged to a farmer family and his parents are hard-working people.

Vicky Gonder Wiki

vicky gonder

vicky gonder

Prema Lahoria

When he was in Jalandhar, Vicky became friend with Sukha Kahlon and Prema Lahoriya. They became best friends and started involving in the school/college fights. Time passes, and these 3 without any thought became the gangsters and started working for some local leaders. All of 3 were the greatest friends but due to some reasons, Vicky and Sukha’s friendship turned into a bitter rivalry.

Harjinder Singh aka Vicky Gonder at first joined the Jaipal Singh group, who was hammer hurler. Vicky Gonder was indulged in various crimes like robberies, theft, burglaries, murder, kidnapping, extortion, etc.

vicky gonder

According to the Vicky Gonder wiki, people also know Vicky as a Shooter and also as Yara Da Yaar. There were dozens of cases registered on his name. Harjinder aka Vicky Gonder became wanted by police in different states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc. He was killed in a police encounter along with his gang member Prema Lahoria.

However, there was a big reason that he and his best friend Sukha Kahlon got split.

The Journey from Friendship to Enmity

Sukha Kahlon was known for the respect he pays to his village citizens and especially the women. Once, he stopped his fellow gangster Lovely Baba not to tease a girl whom Sukha used to call his sister. Lovely Baba was the fellow gang member of Sukha Kahlon, Vicky Gonder and Prema Lahoria. But Lovely baba ignored Sukha and threatened to kill him if he stops him to do so. However, with no options left, Sukha killed Lovely Baba in a gym for the sake of that girl. Hence, the murder of Lovely baba shattered both Prema Lahoria and  Vicky Gonder and then they took the oath to avenge their friend’s death from Sukha Kahlon.

After that day, everything got changed. Sukha and Vicky became the bitter rival and the result was Sukha Kahlon murder.

Vicky Gonder Group

vicky gonder

Jaipal Singh Bhullar group was the first group these 3 had joined. He along with Prema Lahoriya and Sukha Kahlon later created their gang and started their criminal activities. There were having many members of the group along with some other aides or friends like Lawrence Bishnoi, Lovely Baba, Neeta Deol, Shera Khuban and Sukhpreet Singh Sekhon.

The group was involved in more than 40 criminal activities like murder, robbery, extortion, contract-based killings, gang wars, etc. They were supported by some politicians for political support and benefits. Lovely Baba’s murder turned up as the splitting of the group. Their gang were also famous as the Gangs of Badalpur, named after Badalpur, near Kapurthala.

Vicky Gonder Cases

Vicky Gonder was involved in more 40 criminal cases including murder, attempt to murder, dacoity, robbery, snatching and other offences in Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. His ‘Nabha Jail Break’ in 2016 was one of his biggest crime along with 5 others including Jaipal Singh and a KLF member known as Mintoo, according to the sources. He was booked for crimes ranging from contract killing to robbery. Hence he was lodged in the Nabha jail but escaped with the help of his accomplices in June 2016 while being taken to a court for a hearing as told before.

Vicky Gonder Panchkula Case

vicky gonder

In November 2017, he allegedly killed bouncer Amit Kumar aka Meet near the Saketri Temple, Panchkula. Just 24 hours before the killing, he threatened to Meet via a Facebook post.

Sukha Kahlon Murder

Vicky Gonder’s best friend turned rival Sukha Kahlon was allegedly killed by him when Sukha was in the police custody. Vicky Gonder came into limelight when he killed rival gangster Sukha Kahlon in police custody. Sukha was taken to the court hearing by the police. Vicky along with other 5-6 members including Jaswinder Singh Rocky, stopped the police van on the main highway at the day time. They snatched the weapons from the police and started firing on Sukha Kahlon until his last breath. They shot a video of the scene too and did the Bhangra (Punjabi folk) over his dead body and then ran away.

vicky gonder

Nabha Jail Break

This is also one of the major crimes he did. He along with 6-7 other inmates ran away from the jail. However, everyone got caught up from their hideouts but Vicky Gonder was lucky as Police was not able to catch him at that time.

Vicky Gonder Encounter Date

Most wanted gangster of Punjab Vicky Gounder was killed in an encounter near the village Sukhchain, Rajasthan on the Punjab-Rajasthan border on January 26, 2018. He was on the run of a long time. The police came in action when he threatened Punjab Chief Minister, according to the sources. Hence, the police team had been led by CIA Incharge, Bikram Brar from Rajpura, Punjab. The encounter took place near village Punjawa in the jurisdiction of the police station, Khuian Sarwar, a village in Rajasthan. Vicky Gondar’s close associate Prema Lahoria was also been killed during the encounter. When they were firing on the police, for defence the Punjab Police also started the firing on them.

vicky gonder

Shooter Movie

Earlier we had seen full comedy movies & every producer’s approach was to release a comedy movie, but now the topic has changed. Hence, the thriller and biography movies are ruling dominantly in the industry. Now the world is going to know the real-life story of a very young sharpshooter Sukha Kahlon. However, GK digital is representing the biopic of Sukha Kahlon as ‘Shooter’. Vicky Gonder‘s role in the movie is not shown clearly due to some reasons but the character similar to him was shown in the movie. Famous singer Vadda Grewal is also playing a supportive role in the movie.

Other Words

Hence, this is Vicky Gonder Wiki (the famous gangster from Punjab). In case of any query or suggestion, comment below or e-mail us. We will be back with another interesting article for you.

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