Torrent download sites- how to Download Torrent Files with IDM


Torrent download sites

Using IDM, it is now possible with Tecgram©. After the ban of the Torrentz, it becomes very difficult to download the torrent files. By using uTorrent, BitTorrent, and other application you will suffer from the low download speed.

The torrent download sites article is for those who are very much fond of downloading something from the torrent sites. We are providing you this article because many of us are yet finding the other ways to download files or data due to the torrent ban.

It seems like, you can easily download the large torrent files without affecting your downloading speed with the help of IDM(Internet Download Manager). This method will solve your problem of slow downloading speed and connection dropping. In addition, you can also resume your downloads with IDM.

Download IDM

Since the torrents are very special itself, there are numbers of things you can do with torrents like download movies, games, software and most probably your favorite serials etc. As we have mentioned sometimes before that you may face some issues with the downloading speed but it can be easily fixed with this method.

What are the Torrent Files

Torrent download sites

The torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about the files and folders to be distributed and usually also a list of the network location. Therefore, the torrent files are commonly named with the .torrent extensions.

These files can be easily downloaded with the use of uTorrent, BitTorrent or any other client.

Best Torrent Client

There are various methods on the Internet regarding this topic. But these methods are 100% working and reliable methods. I have given a step by step procedure below so you can easily learn this method. Let’s start:


In this method, with the help of a website called ByteBx. You can download your torrent files on their servers with insanely high speed. After the downloading finished, you can easily access your files and access them with the IDM.

With the default, ByteBx comes with a free account which is credited with a limit of 2.5 GB storage. But you can easily upgrade your account to the premium account if you want to download the larger files. Now coming back to the steps

  1. Create an account on the ByteBx
  2. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ credential
  3. Confirming your Email account, log in to your ByteBx account
  4. It will redirect to its home page where you will get three options: Upload File, Upload URL, and Upload Torrent.
  5. Click on the third option to ‘Upload torrent’ and then click on the ‘Choose File’. Browse Select the torrent file you want to download
  6. As a result, within few seconds you will see a blue colored “download” button. Click it to start your download.
  7. Great! You have successfully downloaded the torrent file with IDM. You can also use your browser or any other download manager.
  8. So these all you have to do in order to download the Torrent files with IDM. This is one of the Best and reliable methods to do that.
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