This features of iPhone makes the android users jealous ?

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Hello, everyone. Today we will share iPhone tricks and hidden features.

Have you a bought an iPhone? Today I am sharing 7 Hidden features of an iPhone only a superuser know about.

7 hidden features of an iphone

Smartphones can do simple stuff like opening apps using camera and basic things, which every user can do.

But what sets super users aside are these 7 hacks that you probably never knew about.

1. Siri can even tell you which airplane is flying over you at any given moment. Now that’s awesome.

7 hidden features of an iphone user can do

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2. You can erase a character on the calculator by swiping left or right on the top screen this feature is only for iPhone users.

7 hidden features of an iphone


3. Just don’t click only Swipe the screen

& hidden features of an iphone user can do

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4. You can crop, brighten and enhance your images simply by editing them in the Photos app.

7 hidden features iphone user can do


5.If u want to scroll all the way up in any feed i.e facebook,WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Just click anywhere on the upper edge of your screen more conveniently where the time is shown.

7 Hidden features of an iphone user can do



6. You can set Your music on a timer.


7 hidden features of an iphone


7. Improve your signal by knowing it. Type *3001#12345#* into your iPhone’s dialer and hit call

hidden features of iphone 7


So this is the iPhone tricks or hidden features of the iPhone. Which is only available for the iPhone users. If you like this iPhone tricks or hidden features please give us a like.