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The Nutri Gurl (Natasha Singh) BF, Bodysize, Phone No

the nutri gurl

The Nutri Gurl

the nutri gurl

  • The Nutri Gurl is one of the most popular YouTubers in India from the past few years.
  • Hence, she is one of the most searched YouTuber on Google. Her real name is Nitasha Singh.
  • She has uploaded many videos on her channels and she is so much talent that she handles 8-9 different YouTube channels with many subscribers on each. However, her main priority is her channel named The Nutri Gurl.
  • Nitasha Singh was born into a Sikh family on 25 December 1990.

 Bio & Family

the nutri gurl

The Nutri Gurl Education

the nutri gurl

She had completed her graduation from New Delhi itself. She was a good student in her academic years. Nitasha Singh was so fond of creating YouTube videos and however, she now has her own popular as well as multiple numbers of YouTube channels.

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The Nutri Gurl YouTube Channel

the nutri gurl

  • The Nutri Gurl aka Nitasha Singh is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in India.
  • Initially, she reviewed the latest mobile phones and their unboxing also.
  • She has a deep interest in technology, latest gadgets.

the nutri gurl

This is her main channel which was created on November 28, 2016. She has more than 1.22 million subscribers on this channel. Hence, the channel is popular for mobile unboxing, mobile testing, mobile comparisons, mobile reviews, etc. She is primarily a tech YouTuber. With her rising success, she will soon cross 2 million subscribers. The channel is having 106,400,173 views until today.

TNG Gaming channel 

the nutri gurl
from her Instagram

This is her Gaming channel which shows that she is a hardcore gamer too. The channel has 108K subscribers and was created on 23 July 2016. However, the channel has got 5,964,023 views until today. Her gaming skills are highly appreciated by her viewers and they are a great fan of her videos. This is probably her first channel on YouTube.

TNG Review Channel

the nutri gurl

  • She started his channel as TNG Review on 18th March 2017. Her channel is having 54K subscribers with thousands of likes on his every video.
  • Every video gets thousands of views and her videos go very much popular on the YouTube trending videos.
  • The channel can provide you with a great amount of information for almost every new smartphones.
  • She has a channel with almost the same niche but she explores many other things too over there.
  • She earned money from Google Adsense through her channels.

TNG Charging Channel

the nutri gurl

Nitasha Singh had joined the channel on September 27, 2018. Views here till today are 1,611,940 views with the channel having the subscribers near about 59.3K. This channel is basically focussed on the charging tests of different smartphones that she reviews on her other channels.

TNG Vlogs Channel

the nutri gurl

Another YouTube channel by Nitasha Singh on which she uploads her vlogs. The channel is having 20.4K subscribers and she had joined on November 1, 2019. Total 408,990 views are available on her channel until today. Hence, the channel will soon cross 500K subscribers.


the nutri gurl
The Nutri Gurl Instagram

TNG Benchmarks is a channel based on the mobile benchmarking started by The Nutri Gurl. The channel is having 1,311,458 views until today and the subscribers are not shown on the channel. Here she used to show benchmarks of the different smartphones. It was published on 8th January 2019.

TNG FunTech

the nutri gurl
the Nutri gurl Instagram

TNG FunTech is a channel based on the gadgets started. The channel is having 9,958 views until today and the subscribers are 17.3K on the channel. Here she has uploaded just 1 video till now. It was published on May 24, 2019.


the nutri gurl

TNG New Creators is also another channel by her having 29.5K subscribers with a different niche. She had joined the channel on January 26, 2019, having total 49,768 views.

TNG Health Channel

the nutri gurl

The channel is all about the health benefits of people. She tells about the healthy food and daily works to fit mind and body. The channel, however, is having 21.7K subscribers with total 28,810 views. She had joined the channel on 25th February 2019.

The Nutri Gurl Instagram

the nutri gurl

Not only the YouTube channel but her Instagram account is also very famous. She had posted 592 posts and is having a fan base of 68.8k followers. She is regular with his other social media accounts too. Hence, she keeps updating her profile with the latest posts such as pictures, videos, etc.

The Nutri Gurl Net Worth

the nutri gurl

The main source of income is from the AdSense on her channels. She is a YouTuber with different channels. Her net worth is $7.11K – $8.12k (As per the sources). Nitasha Singh has also a health-based channel with many benefits.

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the nutri gurl

Hence, this is the information about your favourite YouTube celebrity The Nutri Gurl aka Nitasha Singh. In case of any query or suggestion, comment below or e-mail us. We will be back with another interesting article for you.

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