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Sukha Kahlon – A Gangster or Robinhood of Punjab?

Sukha Kahlon was born on 21st June 1987 in the village Kahlwan, near Jalandhar, Punjab. The village is about 22 kilometres from the town Kapurthala, Jalandhar district, Punjab. He belongs to a Jatt Sikh middle-class family. He completed his 10th class in a government school from his village, Kahlwan, Kapurthala )according to the sources of Sukha kahlon wiki). His real name is Sukhvir Singh Kahlwan. Sukha belongs to a landlord family and was the owner of 150 acres of land.

Sukha Kahlon Life Story

sukha kahlon

Sukha Kahlon was born in a Military background Landlord family near Jalandhar. When he was 17 years old, his parents decided to migrate to the USA but due to the involvement of Sukha in a fight led him into the police case. So he was not able to go with his parents and left alone with his Auntie (Massi) and his cousin brother.

However, he had almost no one left to guide him and he has chosen the wrong path that led him to end up as a notorious gangster.

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Sukha Kahlon Wiki/Bio

Sukha Kahlon

Sukha Kahlon Friends & Group Members

sukha kahlon
Sukha Kahlon’s friends

Sharpshooter group is the main topic in the Sukha Kahlon Wiki. He, along with Prema Lahoriya, Lovely Baba and Vicky Gonder created their own gang and started their criminal activities. There were many members of the group like Jaggu Bhagwanpuria, Lawrence Bishnoi Kali Shooter and many more.

The group was involved in more than 40 criminal activities like murder, robbery, extortion, contract-based killings, gang wars, etc. They were supported by some politicians for political support.

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Sukha Kahlon VS Lovely Baba Story

Sukha Kahlon and Lovely Baba were once good friends. They were the members of the same group and known to be loyal to each other. But due to Sukha’s increasing popularity, Lovely Baba started to felt insecure for his place in the group. This led to a misunderstanding between the two.

However, there was a girl to whom Sukha used to call his Sister was teased by Lovely Baba. Sukha warned him not to follow her ever again but Lovely baba ignored him. Hence, he kept stalking Sukha’s sister and tried to touch her inappropriately. This led to the fight between them and the murder of Lovely Baba while he was in a Gym. Therefore, this also led to the beginning of the rivalry between Vicky Gonder and Sukha Kahlon.

sukha kahlon
Post share on a Facebook page

Sukha Kahlon Love Story

Even though he was known as a dreaded gangster, but many people of his village says that he was a good guy from the heart. He always paid respect to the elders and girls. Sukha Kahlon was a person who I always ready to help the needy.

He was in a relationship with a girl and both of them were in true love. After his girlfriend convinced him to leave this path they got married on 8th October 2008 and moved to Australia. He then turned to the right path and became a cab driver. But again due to some circumstances, he then divorced his wife, came back to India and returned to his previous crime life.

sukha kahlon
Sukha Marriage Photo

Sukha Kahlon Best Friend

sukha kahlon
Amrit Cheema on Tik-Tok

In recent tik-tok videos of the Amrit Cheema, he has confessed that he was the true friend of the Sukha kahlon and all the other peoples who say that are his friends are fake (according to the Amrit Cheema).

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Sukha Kahlon Cases

sukha kahlon

Sukha Kahlon was involved in more 40 criminal cases including murder, attempt to murder, dacoity, robbery, snatching and other offences in Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. His ‘Rocky Kaand‘ video was uploaded on September 23 which has been shot outside the jail. Though in that video, the victim is seen being beaten with sticks and thrashed. He was booked for crimes ranging from contract killing to robbery.

Hence he was lodged in the Nabha jail but escaped with the help of his accomplices in June 2012 while being taken to a court for a hearing. He was then, however, arrested in November 2012 by the Haryana police while travelling to the IGI Airport. Hence, the Punjab police brought him to the state later.

On June 24, 2013, Jalandhar police arrested two men who were allegedly planning to free Kahlon from the police custody when he had gone to attend his brother Sonu’s cremation at his native village Kahlwan.

Sukha Kahlon Jail Fight

sukha kahlon

A violent video clip of him brutally beating up a fellow prisoner named Jimmy (titled ‘Jimmy alias Pita Kaand’) inside the Kapurthala jail was uploaded on September 26 on his Facebook page. The victim is seen asking for mercy but is asked to abuse himself in the Punjabi language. He usually tried to fight his inmates so that he could scare the other inmates and become a boss.

There was an inmate named Yamin from Uttar Pradesh, who became his friend and ask him for the visit when he gets out of the jail.

Sukha Kahlon Uttar Pradesh Robbery

Sukha Kahlon

After the jailbreak in 2012, Sukha Kahlon fled to Uttar Pradesh to his new friend Yamin. Yamin was also a dreaded gangster and they both planned to make a robbery. After the successful robbery, Yamin betrayed Sukha by slitting his throat and thrown him into the river. Sukha somehow luckily got saved and was arrested again from the hospital he was admitted in. Yamin was also arrested by the police.

Sukha Kahlon Facebook Page

Sukha Kahlon

Dreaded gangster Sukha Kahlon, had put jail officials in the dock by uploading two videos on his Facebook fan page titled ‘Sukha kahlon Sharpshooter’. Sukha had 3 Facebook accounts and he used to update his fan page from the jail. The fan page was created in early 2013 had over 16,283 followers and is full of violent videos, comments and photos glorifying the gun culture. Sukha’s Facebook page clearly told the inside story of Punjab jails where the inmates were openly using mobile phones and consuming drugs. The jail authorities, however, refuted the claims. Even after his murder, Kahlon’s Facebook page, which he used to operate even from behind bars, was flooded with messages from his fans, such as, “Miss U” & “RIP”.

Sukha Kahlon Rivalry

Sukha Kahlon
Sukha Kahlon Main Rival Vicky Gonder

It is an obvious thing that Sukha had many rivals. But his biggest enemy was his once best friend, Vicky Gonder. Due to some circumstances and misunderstandings, and also the murder of Lovely Baba, they became the arc rivals. However, Vicky Gonder took the oath to kill Sukha Kahlon and avenge the death of Lovely Baba.

He also had the rivalry with Yamin, whom he faced the betrayal and could have died because of him.

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Sukha Kahlon Death

Sukha Kahlon

Sukha Kahlon was gunned down by at least 15 unidentified assailants who even filmed the act and did the Bhangra around the body in front of the policemen in Phagwara. The scene happened when 6 cops were taking him back to the Nabha jail in a jeep after a court hearing in Jalandhar. The assailants, reportedly belonging to a rival gang, in 2 white Toyota Fortuner SUVs intercepted the police vehicle outside a private school in full public view on the GT Road around 4.30 pm.

Their faces were covered, hence they got the policemen to get off before pumping around 40 bullets into Sukha Kahlon‘s body, and drove away without harming the cops. Senior police officials including DIG Jalandhar range, Kapurthala SSP Dhanpreet Kaur, Jalandhar rural SSP Narinder Bhargava and other senior officials of Phagwara police rushed to the spot and started an investigation in the case. Though, police had found that the mastermind behind the attack was Vicky Gonder.

Sukha Kahlon
Sukha’s family on cremation

Sukha Kahlon Death Video

See sukha kahlon death video

Shooter – Sukha Kahlon Movie

Earlier we had seen full comedy movies & every producer’s approach was to release a comedy movie, but now the topic has changed. Hence, the thriller and biography movies are ruling dominantly in the industry. Now the world is going to know the real-life story of a very young sharpshooter Sukha Kahlon. However, GK digital is representing the Sukha Kahlon Wiki as ‘Shooter’.

Famous singer Vadda Grewal is also playing a supportive role in the movie. This movie is also a debut movie by ‘Jayy Randhawa’. Jayy Randhawa is a famous Punjabi singer & now he is going to debut in the movie Shooter.

Facts about Sukha

Sukha Kahlon

  • Even being a notorious gangster, he was kind from his heart.
  • He always paid respect to the elders and the girls.
  • Sukha killed Lovely baba in a gym since he had an eye on Sukha’s assumed sister.
  • His brother was killed due to the over-consumption of drugs.
  • He was always ready to help others and his friends too.
  • The movie Shooter is based on his life.

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Some Words

Hence, this is Sukha Kahlon  (the famous gangster from Punjab). In case of any query or suggestion, comment below or e-mail us. We will be back with another interesting article for you.

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