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Shera – Bodyguard of Salman Khan (Income, Bio, Family 2020)

shera salman khan bodyguard

Shera is the main bodyguard of the famous Indian actor Salman Khan. His real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. Shera was born on 19 May 1969. He has his own security agency and is one of the most trusted bodyguards of Salman Khan. However, Shera is the longest-serving guard to him since 1995. Shera is so dedicated to his work as he said: “Jab Tak Zinda hoon, Bhai Ke Saath Rahunga” (I’ll accompany him till my last breath). He runs a security firm, Tiger Security, and was in charge of Grammy Award-winning singer Justin Bieber’s security during his Mumbai concert in 2017. Gurpreet Singh Jolly joined Shiv Sena in October 2019.

Shera Salman Khan Bodyguard Wiki

First of all, his real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly and he hails from Mumbai, India. However, Shera was born in Punjab. Shera was started with his own security company ‘Tiger Supplies’ which supplies bodyguards to a lot of Bollywood & Hollywood actors. He did his schooling from Damodar Das Barfiwala High School, Andheri, Mumbai, India. Shera is married and has a son named Tiger. Salman’s role in the movie Bodyguard was loosely dedicated to Shera as he is the most faithful for him. He was a model and a bodybuilder in his young days. His son ‘Tiger’ is set to be launched in Bollywood by Salman Khan and his brothers. Shera and Salman are like a family.

Salman Khan Bodyguard Shera Security Agency

shera salman khan bodyguard

Since he is one of the longest-serving bodyguards in the B-town, though he has his own security agency ‘Tiger Security Service‘. His agency is having a number of guards who are well trained. Tiger Security provided the services to many Bollywood and Hollywood actors. They provide services like security consultancy, security training, special task force, detection division and much more. Today Salman Khan is guarded by a posse of bodyguards while shooting in India. But if he travels abroad or for something extremely important in India, his security detail is handled by a lone ranger Shera. Hence, Shera met Salman Khan in 1995 at a party of the Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. He had also joined Shiv Sena in 2019.

Shera Salman Khan Bodyguard Instagram

Not only in the media but also his Instagram account is also very famous. He had posted 170 posts and is having a fan base of 234k followers. He won the title of Mr. Mumbai in 1987 and the runner up in Mr. Maharashtra’s contest. Due to his well maintained and impressive physique, he started getting the job offers of a bodyguard in the 1990s. However, he is very popular among the B-town.

Salman Khan Security Shera Salary Income

shera salman khan bodyguard

According to reports, Shera gets a salary INR 15 Lakhs per month, which translates to INR 2 crores annually. He also gets paid, when he is called to arrange security for International celebrities who are visiting India. This remuneration also runs into lacs. There are many perks that go along with the job, like free travel, clothing, food, and gifts from national and international fans and companies who endorses Salman Khan, as their brand ambassador. All in all a very well paid job for him.

Shera Salman Khan Bodyguard Controversy

shera salman khan bodyguard

Shera comes across as a no-nonsense man who is focused on doing his primary job and that is guarding Salman Khan. Late on Tuesday night, Shera was booked for an assault after an altercation with a man. Shera himself told Times Now that nothing happened on that day. He went to meet a friend at Kokilaben Hospital, then he went too Pop Tate’s where he had a verbal argument on the phone, but no physical scuffle. Though the police came to my house in the morning and then he accompanied them to the DN Nagar Police Station. He doesn’t know the details of the charges against him.

Shera’s Son

shera salman khan bodyguard

Shera’s son Tiger is being groomed right now and he’s already being considered by so many producers as well as the directors. Shera feels that he will be the best judge of a script for his son. Tiger (Shera’s son) has earlier worked as an assistant director on Salman’s 2016 blockbuster movie ‘Sultan’.

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