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My Smart Support – Dharmendra Kumar Wiki, Videos, Income 2020

My Smart Support Wikipedia

My Smart Support is a YouTube channel for free tips as well as tricks, tutorials about Android OS, IOS, YouTube, Domain and Hosting, Computers and much more. However, his videos are very helpful for those who have an interest in blogging, technology and computers. Though he was very fond of creating videos and also sharing his knowledge with others. Hence, he is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in India. My Smart Support YouTube channel has more than 1.08 million subscribers since the channel was made 7 years ago. His real name is Dharmendra Kumar and is a professional YouTuber and a perfectionist in Blogging. He is also having a website with good Google rankings as well as an Amazon page.

My Smart Support Owner Name

His real name is Dharmendra Kumar and is the owner, founder and author of My Smart Support. He nearly has 5 years of experience of running a YouTube channel where basically he used to upload Technology related videos on topics such as web development, YouTube tips & tricks, hardware & networking, Android app development, gadget’s reviews etc. Though, he is a full-time YouTube creator & earns complete Living & expenses from YouTube advertisement, affiliate marketing, sponsorship etc.

My Smart Support YouTube Earnings & Channel

The My Smart Support Youtube Channel was created on July 26, 2012. The channel has more than 1.08 million subscribers with almost double amount of viewers on his maximum videos. As per the sources, we come to know that the channel is having more than 100 uploaded videos. However, the channel has different playlists in it. Such as blogger tips & tricks, low competition keywords, Domain-Hosting tips & tricks, Website development tips, Tech news latest videos, about Ad campaigns, backlink building, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Playstore updates and much more.

What is the lifetime earning of My Smart support YouTube channel?

You can see the lifetime earning of My Smart Support & Dharmendra Kumar YouTube channel. The other channel was created on July 21, 2011, about vlogging having 130K subscribers. The watch time of My Smart Support till 2017 is 108,733,362 and the views are 40,388,834. The total earning of him till 2017 was $44,766.32.

My Smart Support App

my smart support
Image from my smart support

Though, other than having a successful YouTube Channel, he is also having a successfully running Website although. However, is also having an Android App. Dharmendra Kumar‘s website is ranked 15,334 globally. Also, his theme contains different pages regarding Social media, Adsense, Godaddy, Apple, Seo tips, Scripts, Jio, Playstore, etc. It is easy to understand his language as his way of explaining as well as expressing is much better than many others.

My Smart Support Amazon

Since My Smart Support channel is growing at a very good scale, many companies send their products to him for their reviews. Hence, he has his own page on Amazon. Here, you can find almost every product that he has reviewed until today. However, you can buy them also at a good price. The products are such as Smartphones, Camera stands, Mic, Bags, Laptops, etc. He has also been praised very much for the great work he is doing. Hence, he is a sponsor of many products on Amazon too.

My Smart Support Website

Dharmendra Kumar is having his own official website as well as some other websites too. Therefore, all of his blogs as well as YouTube channels are successful. He has a Health BlogCareer & Job BlogEssay Blog for Children’s, etc.

My Smart Support Net Worth

The updated data is his total earning per month is $147-$393 with 18 videos published per month. However, the global rank is 15,334. According to the sources, his earning will be double with the end of this year.

My Smart Support Contact Number

In case if you want to contact him, just check my smart support email id from his website. However, you can also follow him on Social media like Facebook, and Twitter. He according to his passion, regularly updates his social media and always posts something interesting as well as knowledgeable.

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