Mac vs Windows- Which is the better option for you

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This article is for those who wants to know the comparison between Mac and Windows. In short, the article is all about Mac vs windows.

Mac vs Windows

From many years, there are the arguments among Mac users and Windows users about their product. Both product users argue that which product is better. So, we have decided to write an article about the pros and cons of both the Apple MAC and Microsoft Windows.



Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows

We all know about the quality of Apple products and the brand Apple has its own worth. More than half of the world dreams of buying an Apple product. But underestimating Microsoft Windows is also not good. Windows also has its own value. It is easy to available for a common man. There is a good competition between Apple MAC and Microsoft Windows. Things to compare between them are shown below.


Macs are usually expensive than Windows PC.  This is true that Apple products are more expensive than other products as they have their own quality products. It is not easy for everyone to afford a brand new Apple Mac but it is easy for many people to buy a Windows PC. Windows PC can be owned by a common man easily but Apple Mac is not so easy to buy for a common man. This is the major drawback of apple we can say as due to this, many people turn towards the Windows powered PC.


Most gamers prefer to use Windows rather than a MAC or any other OS as it is customizable. Hardcore gamers obsess over everything from the graphic card to the processor to the amount of internal memory of their system, constantly replacing the hardware to stay upgraded. Whereas, it is nearly impossible to upgrade a MAC. This is another drawback of MAC.


Macs tend to be safer against malware, virus and other types of malicious attacks. It is easy for a hacker to attack windows with very few efforts. Macs can also be affected by these type of attacks but not easily as happened with Windows. Apple is working to stay ahead of this by baking new protections into the latest version of MacOS.


Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple MacOS have completely different looks from one another. MacOS has a less busy look. At the most basic level, you have a desktop, a dock for accessing all your favorite apps and a taskbar at the top of the screen. Whereas in Windows 10, Microsoft merged the user friendliness of Windows 7 with the touchscreen friendliness of Windows 8. The user can switch between a traditional desktop and a tablet mode that gives you a grid of apps.


Windows offers much flexibility as compared to Mac.

  • Windows let you upgrade whatever you like whereas Mac do not allow you to upgrade
  • Windows users have the benefit of everything being made specifically for them
  • In windows, you can run everything from latest games to old DOS payroll software etc
  • Macs are not that much flexible as Windows are

Build quality

The build quality of Mac is higher than Windows. If you want a device that is built to highest standards with top grade components, elegant styling and almost fanatical attention to detail, then Macs are the best consumer electronic products on the market right now.


Macs have better screens than Windows PC. The current range of retina Macbooks and iMacs boast screens that feature anti-reflective coatings and no air gap makes them best on the market right now.

Customer support

Apple provides a good customer service in case of anything wrong with the product as compared to others.


Mac is more compatible than Windows in every case.

  • It never gets hang
  • You can use it without much trouble as you face in Windows
  • It has a very stable OS etc

Macs can run Windows

Macs can run Windows either through a virtual machine or directly on the system. Every Mac contains an inbuilt program known as Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on your system. You can also divide space on your hard drive between Windows and MacOS to have both operating systems on the same machine.

User satisfaction

Since everyone has their own opinion but still we will say that if you use Mac, you will be more satisfied. Macs are the better option if working on a project. It also has some drawbacks but still, it is the best product on the market right now. We are not saying that windows are bad, Windows are good too. Windows also have their own advantages and drawbacks. Both Mac and Windows are good at their places. Both have their own worth. It’s public opinion that who wins the competition Mac vs Windows.

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