How to make money fast -6 Best ways to Earn online in 2017


Are you fed up with your boring job and want to earn some extra bucks. So are you searching for the “How to make money fast or BEST WAYS TO EARN ONLINE”? You are at the right place.
So you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you the “
How to make money and 6 Best ways to Earn Online in 2017.  By using these methods you can Earn money without being a full-time employee. This can be a freelancer, side business So without wasting too much time, I will show the best ways to earn and if you have any query regarding any of this method you can freely ask them in the comment sections below.

I have categorized this post for peoples with their interest so you can easily find a good job for you

1.     Good collection skill.

2.     Writing skills.

3.     Handywork like Repairing, Moving, cleaning and delivering.

4.     Listeners and Fast typers.

5.     Watching Advertisements.

6.     Taking feedbacks.

 How to earn money without investment- Let’s start

1. Amazon Mechanical trunk

The first side job I’ll recommend to you is the Amazon Mechanical trunk.  In this Job, you need to some task for the Amazon. It allows you to work from home as basically a freelancer. The Amazon Mechanical Trunk. So in this, you need to do some Human Intelligence Task are you getting nervous “What the Hell is that”. Human Intelligence task is nothing this is just collecting information from peoples. For example- Like finding peoples phone numbers, Emails etc. Things like that are quite easy to do. Even you don’t need any big experience to do stuff like that. They have also qualifications job’s available for you

2- Writing

Writing”. Is that sound’s funny but by writing something valuable you can easily earn some extra bucks. It is one of the flexible methods. If you are interested in the freelance writing.


You can make an account on the Fiverr because Fiverr has the bigger audience base. Fiverr also provide others services expect the Writing. By using the Fiverr you can expect the payments from the International User through the Paypal account. Fiverr also provide you the time for providing the service.


So this is another method in our guide- Make money fast or Best ways to Earn online. If you want to take your writing skills to the next level Up work is for you. You just need to update your profile and then you will start receiving the orders.

§  Fill up the profile.

§  Set payment receiving options.

§  You can set your favorite job.


Problogger is the another Best and practical method to earn online and make money fast. You can view jobs in the and find the best which suits you.

3- TaskRabbit

Task Rabbit is an online startup. If you are a handyman or handywoman can easily fix some pipes for somebody or do some roof repairs things like home services. This types of things you can do in the TaskRabbit. But unfortunately, TaskRabbit is only available in the US. If you want some others websites like this you can ask me in the comment section below.  Busque founded TaskRabbit when she had no time to buy dog food, basing it on the idea of “neighbors helping neighbors”


Transcriptions are basically when you have taken audio from a podcast, music, video or multimedia file and you turn it into the Text is Transcriptions. If you are a good listener, fast typer this job is best suited for you. This is the one of a good idea for making money.


Transcribeme is one of the finest websites. when it comes to earning online with transcriptions. For example- You can provide the subtitle for the movies and you can 0.59$ per minutes. 

5- Earn From PTC websites

By watching the advertisements you can earn 200$ per month. By just watching the small advertisements.

Here you need to click & read the advertisements for 10 to 3o seconds & get paid for each & every advertisement you view.

There are many sites where you can register & make money by reading ads. All sites are free & there is no investment at all.

List of the Best PTC websites-

§  NeoBux

Neobux is one of the best PTC sites in India and available for worldwide users which is best to make money fast. In NeoBux you will have several ways to money and you will get your payment instantly upon your request.

They will provide many ads you can click and get paid. The amount you earn per click goes up to $0.02 and especially if you are from a tier 1 country it is not unlikely to earn $1 per day just from viewing ads.

§  Clixsense

Personally, Clixsense is one of best PTC website. It is very easy to join the Clixsense.

Here are the steps to signup on ClixSense-

§  Just click this ClixSense link & fill the signup form.

§  After signup, you will receive validation link in your email. Click the link to validate your account.

§  Then log in to your ClixSense account with your username and password & complete the other details of your profile.

All this website(PTC) pay you money through the PayZA. You can create a free account on PayZA by clicking on this LInk Payza.

6.Testing/User feedback

One of the coolest and interesting. I think is Testing/user feedback. You just need to Test Some apps, websites, and prototypes. You can give feedback to developers on any things you can do with the app and send feedback to the developers to improve the quality of the app etc. To make money fast.


UserTesting is the best place to start in this field. In user testing, you can check the apps, websites, prototypes and more. On this website, you have the freedom to choose any of the fields in which you are interested.

I hope you guys your like this article useful. In this article, I have covered all the query like “make money fast”, How to make money online, make money fast.

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