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Hello everyone, we are here to discuss something really important with you. The topic is very trendy these days and that is to check iPhone 6, if it is real or a copy. So in this article, we are going to tell you how to check iPhone 6 if it is real iPhone or a fake one. As demand for iPhone is rising, we will tell you the 100% true ways to check iPhone 6, if it is real or fake.

After reading this article, you will get to know the difference between a real iPhone 6 and a cloned piece. We will tell you how to spot a real iPhone box, its accessories, and phone model.

So the methods to check iPhone 6, if it is real or fake are:

check iPhone

Check iPhone- Real iPhone 6

Here we are starting with the original one and first of all, its turn for the box.

Starting with the Box

  • Its box is smaller than the fake one.

check iPhone

original iPhone 6 box

  • The box has written manufacturing date, its original price and other details of the phone at its back side.
  • The tray inside the box is made up of good quality plastic having 2 holes, one at the Apple logo location and other for the camera.
  • The box is a slim and little bit smaller than the fake one.
  • The box is itself of a good quality material. You will get to know about its quality after you touched it.


  • Original Charger adapter is thinner than the fake one, longer in length has an Apple logo between its pins.
  • It has written its manufacturing country, model etc below the Apple logo.

check iPhone

Original charger

  • Original Cable, the pin is a complete metal part, not having any joints.
  • The cable is itself made of a good quality material and is a little bit thick.
  • You can charge your phone with both sides of the cable pin.

check iPhone

Original charging cable pin without any joints

  • SIM ejection tool in original accessories is slightly smaller than of the fake one.
  • It is of very good quality metal.

check iPhone

SIM ejector

  • Earphones come in a small plastic box, these earphones are made of good quality plastics, the sound quality is very good etc.

check iPhone



  • Camera quality and clarity are very good.
  • Mute key is easy to move as it is very smooth, the phone will vibrate while moving the key.
  • The body is metallic.
  • Other keys are very easy to press like volume keys, power key.
  • Its home button has a metal ring around.
  • It is slightly heavier than the fake iPhone.
  • It has better sound quality.
  • The phone has better resolution.
  • It has better Touch id sensor.
  • Its display quality is very good.
  • In the keypad of the original iPhone, you can see the voice dial option at the bottom right of the screen.
  • The mic of real iPhone is much better quality etc.

check iPhone


iPhone blacklist check or fake

Now is the turn for the copy iPhone 6. So, we are telling you about the fake iPhone 6:

Box and Accessories

  • The box is thicker than the real one and looks a little bit weird.

check iPhone

Fake iPhone box

  • Poor quality of plastic is used in accessories.
  • Poor quality of the box.
  • Earphones have poor quality sound.
  • Cable is made of poor quality material.
  • Cable pin has 2 joints on sides.
  • Charging adapter is bigger and of poor quality.
  • Its poor quality cable can even damage the iPhone battery if you charge your iPhone regularly with it. check iPhone

Clone iPhone age and quality

  • Keys and buttons are hard to press or move.
  • It has a plastic body.
  • It lags while scrolling.
  • Safari OS does not work properly.
  • When you open the Apple Store, it will actually open the Google play store.
  • Camera quality is poor.
  • Sound quality is poor.
  • Lighter than Original iPhone 6.
  • Screen Resolution is poor.
  • It is possible to remove apple logo as it is just a sticker on the body, but it is not easy to remove.
  • If you open Settings, go to General, open About, it will show you an option for SD Card (but there is no slot for the SD card) etc.

check iPhone

clone piece


Guys, Fake iPhone is just a copy of the IOS but is originally powered by Android Operating System.

In short, it is actually an Android phone.

These phones or Clone copies are generally made in Korea.

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