5 popular bad apps that can leak your private data


Bad Apps that you should avoid downloading on your smartphones!! Since life has never been simpler, you should be thankful for the easy availability of useful android apps. There is an app for literally everything. To book for flight tickets, to scan documents, organize and plan your schedule, downloading games, music etc. You just search the apps over the Google Play Store. But sadly, not every android app is as friendly as they might seem. Some of these, in spite of being popular, have the potential to harm your smartphone. So, we are here with 5 such bad apps which can leak

Bad Apps list

Since you know that not every app is secure on the Play Store, we will tell you 5 of these popular but bad apps today. There are many apps that are malicious that is, not secure for your smartphone’s privacy and security. So, here is the list of some apps that you should never install on your Smartphone.

This is the list of 5 of those apps:

  • QuickPic (Really bad apps)

First of all, let us begin the bad apps list with the QuickPic app. QuickPic is used to be a friendly and easy to use photo gallery app. It was never flashy, but clear communications and frequent updates saw it steadily grow a well-sized user base. The app was very good but the company named Cheetah Mobile bought it and immediately started uploading the user data to their own servers. The main problem with this thing is that they are doing the activity secretly like a thief. If you go to their official website, they will tell you that their apps are safe and they don’t leak any of your private data but they are secretly uploading your data to their own servers. There are many other gallery apps that you can install on your smartphone but as per our opinion, don’t install this specific app.

  • UC Browser


Yes, UC Browser is one of the bad apps about which we are talking. Since this is the most popular Android web browser in China and India, it is normal to get shocked. The most shocking thing is that it is tracking users’ search queries. These queries (without encryption to Yahoo India and Google), a user’s IMSI number, IMEI number, Android ID, and Wi-Fi MAC address are sent without encryption to UMeng (it is an Alibaba analytics tool). Also, the users’ geolocation data is transmitted without encryption to AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme). Similarly, another browser called the Dolphin Browser is also leaking out the users’ data to their own server. The Browsers you can use as a substitute are Google ChromeOpera etc.

  • ES File Manager


Another shocking surprise. Isn’t it?? Since it is one of the most popular file explorer apps, it is difficult to believe that this is also in the list of the bad apps. It gives you a lot of spam notifications after the installation. It further asks you to download some more applications which are ultimately a malware. The free version has been pumped full of bloatware and adware. So, you should think yourself that what kind of app it is.

  • Clean Master (bad apps for Android)

This app is one of the most steadily growing app among the Android users. But even this app is not safe. Not only the Clean Master app, but the other similar apps are also the kind of bad apps. For example, Smart RAM Booster, 360 Security, CM Security etc are also dangerous or you can say the Smartphone killer apps. These apps claim to be the battery saver, cache removal apps but are actually the battery killer. If you want to check the battery saving techniques, then click here. These apps just provide you with the spam notifications and ads. Furthermore, these kind of apps are just the useless bad apps. The developer of the Clean Masters app is….

Can someone guess??

Cheetah Mobile.

  • KingRoot


This is one of the best apps to root your smartphone. These kinds of one-click applications might seem like the easiest way to root any android phone. But this app is also a danger for your device. Since when you root your smartphone via this app, the app can easily access your personal data without requiring the user permission. Even the app was previously not available on the Play Store. People downloaded it from the Google in the form of an APK. If you visit the official website of this app, you may not find the proper information of king root’s developers. It is totally unsafe to use this app.

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