5 cool techs and best gadgets below 500 to 10000 price bracket

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Hey guys, today we are going to talk about some of the cool techs and best gadgets which will cost you a low price or an under budget price. There are so many people who want to buy the latest and something different types of techs or gadgets but their budget doesn’t allow them to buy those. So in this article, we are going to tell you about 5 cool techs and gadgets between 500 to 10000 price bracket. Many of you may know about the techs which I am going to mention below. So, here is the list of those 5 gadgets between 500 to 10000 with some information about them.


Gadgets between 500 to 10000

So, this is the list of those 5 techs which you can easily get between 500 to 10000 price bracket. We will provide you some bit of description regarding each tech we are going to mention below.

Description of all these 5 techs are:

  • Black timer MJ02 smart ring

gadgets between 500 to 10000

This is our 1st tech in the list, Black timer MJ02 smart ring. This ring is one of the members of smart rings family. Now I guess that some or many of you are thinking about what is a Smart ring? So the answer is, the smart ring is a wearable electronic device with advanced mobile components that combine features of mobile devices with the innovative features. It is very useful for the mobiles. Smart rings have the ability to combine the features of mobile devices. Such as gesture control, activity tracking etc. They can directly communicate with the connected smartphones or PCs through the variety of many applications or websites. It can be operated even without carrying your smartphone. These do not carry displays but have capacitive buttons to use as an activation mechanism.

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  • Logitech K 230 wireless keyboard

gadgets between 500 to 10000

It is a wireless keyboard and our 2nd tech in the list. The product is having a very low price so that you can buy it easily. It is a little keyboard and can save more space. Since the keyboard is wireless so you can roam with it at the distance of maximum 10 meters. It has 2 years of battery life. It is a very sleek and customizable keyboard.

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  • Portronics shell Bluetooth speaker


gadgets between 500 to 10000


Portronics shell is equipped with the AUX-IN that lets you connect your device which does not have Bluetooth functions like iPod, mp3 player etc. It has a playback time of 6 hours. It runs on battery and can also get connected with the USB.

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  • Redragon M601 gaming mouse

gadgets between 500 to 10000

It is one of the most popular gaming mice from the newly rising brand known as Redragon. The mouse is of a very good quality, it has many features and is of the low price. The mouse is having 6 optimized buttons, 2 programmable side buttons, 15g acceleration, it is compatible with the MAC, the mouse weighs nearly 40 grams etc.

This mouse may be your one of the best choices if you are seeking a budget gaming mouse which has all the necessary functions for a quality dynamic gaming session. It is also useful for the daily works or usage etc.

If you are impressed with the gadget, and if you want to buy it, then stop waste your time and buy it.

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  • SteelSeries Apex gaming keyboard

gadgets between 500 to 10000

It is 1 of the best PC gaming keyboard below 5k price. This keyboard has a quite easy configuration and the overall quality of the keyboard is also incredible. There is an unlimited amount of player control profiles to store into this keyboard and also there is an infinite amount of options for macro creations.

So, get ready for the giant keyboard and to buy it, click in the below link her

So, these are the 5 cool and awesome techs we were talking about. These are gadgets between 500 to 10000. The gadgets, in the beginning, may have very low rates but the last one may be a little bit expensive for some people, but still, it is less than the 10k price tag. We have given you little but sufficient information regarding our each tech. You have just to follow the links we have given below the each gadget in the list to get more information and to buy them also. If you like our post then please give your reviews to us. Feel comfortable and free to comment your reviews, suggestions etc to us. Like, share and subscribe to us. And please, do not forget to bookmark us. We will be back soon with a new productive article. Thank you.